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The Hobgoblin group was short-lived  Whiskers splinter group, formed by two evicted females and ten males, who had been displaced by the Vivian rovers that joined the Whiskers in June 2001. Ex-dominant male of the Whiskers Beetle and Zola took the dominant position of the group, however the dominant pair did not produce a litter. All the males soon left to rove withn three months. The two females disappeared then reappeared in the compony of some Balrog rovers and later wild males. None of the males established dominance and soon all the rover disappeared. Dispite not having any male helpers, the two Whisker females Zola and Aramis managed to raise their first litters. However, dispite having a small handful of members, the Hobgoblin mob was soon lost in March 2002.

Dominant Pair

When the Hobgoblin came into existence, the position of dominant male was taken by Beetle, the ex-dominant male of the Whiskers. The position as the dominate female was taken up by Zola, the older of the two females. Despite being unrelated, Beetle left to find better mating opportunities. The two Whiskers females were then accompanied by a couple of Balrog rovers and later wild. However, none of the males established himself as the dominant male.

All Known Members

A list of all meerkats born or joined the Hobgoblin.

Beetle (VWM001)

Lancelot (VWM007)

Zola (VWF011)

Dennis Wise (VWM014)

Athos (VWM015)

Aramis (VWF016)

Porthos (VWM018)

Tama (VWM020)

Rangi (VWM021)

Orgali (VWM022)

Hazel (VWM024)

Thumper (VWM025)

Montgomery (VWM027)

+ Balrog males

+ Wild males

+Plus two litters of pups


June 2001: Zola and Aramis teamed up with Beetle, Lancelot, Dennis Wise, Athos, Porthos, Tama ,Rangi, Orgali , Thumper, Hazel and Montgomery. Zola and Beatle became the dominant pair.

September 2001: Beetle, Lancelot, Dennis Wise, Arthos, Porthos, Tama ,Rangi, Orgali, Thumper, Hazel and Montgomery left the group and were Last Seen.

In-between October 2001 and Febaury 2002: Zola and Aramis teamed up with Balrog rovers. The Balrog males left the group and wild males soon joined the group, however they disappeared. Zola and Aramis gave birth to an unknown number of pups.

March 2002: Zola, Aramis and the Hobgoblin were Last Seen.


The Hobgoblin's main rivals were the Balrog, who often chased them off their territory when the Hobgoblin took residence near the Balrog border. The Hobgoblin also encountered the Whiskers. Since they were to small to challenge any rivals in a group encounter, they did not establish a territory. They always retreated from any rivals due to thier lack of members.