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Holly, the character

Holly was seen in Meerkat Manor The Story Begins as the dominant female and the mother of Flower. She was proud of her family as well as her mate Argon. Holly gave birth on March 15, 2000 to four pups named Flower, Hazel, Petal and Thumper. Her four pups were precious to her but, she saw something special in her daughter Flower. The pups soon came above ground for the first time. Holly led the Whiskers to go foraging and left her daughters Aphrodite and Vialli to babysit her pups. The day was quiet until Yossarian a Vivian male came looking for females to mate with. Yossarain was chased away by the babysitters but he soon returned with his family, the Lazuli led by Rheagan and Titus. The Lazuli attacked the burrow, so Vialli and Aphrodite took the four below ground. Lucky for them the Whiskers returned and chased away the invading Lazuli. Holly was frighten so she moved the pups to a new burrow across the Great Divide. This land was strange to the Whiskers but it was their new home. The pups survived the burrow move and began to foraged with the adult meerkats. Petal fell behind and wandered into a bolt hole. A snake followed her in and gave her a deadly bit of venom. Argon save Petal and carried her to safety. Sadly there was nothing the Whiskers could do for Petal, and Holly lost one of her precious daughters. Her three remaining pups survived to become adults. Flower babysat Holly's next litter. Holly was too busy digging for food that she didn't heard an alarm call and she was attacked by a bird of prey. She was so injured that she never made it home, and died that night, all alone. Vialli took over as dominant female but, soon died hit by a car when she was crossing the Great Divide, and Flower rose to power.

Holly was played by many females one being Zorilla of the Commandos. Lola may have played injured Holly. It is unknown who played Argon and Flower. The real Holly was born in the Young Ones group. Holly's origins are not mentioned in the movie so most people think she was born in the Whiskers but, she was really born in the Young Ones.


Holly Young Ones