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Houdini(VHXM003) was born ina  wild mob. His early history remained a mystery however at somepoint in late 2006 he left the mob and met up with two other wild males, a wild female and two Whiskers meerkats named Tina Sparkle and Suggs. Houdini was First Seen in December 2006. 


The group was called the Hoax and consided of four wild meerkats and two Whisker meerkats. Male dominance was taken by Carravagio while female dominance was taken by Mau Mau. Habituation of the group took around eight months wild the males becoming more habituated than the female Mau Mau. During this time neither of the two females ever got pregnant. With no pups the males started to spend more time away from the mob roving. Houdini and Sid Vicious were the first to leave the group on October 15, 2007. 


Both males were seen roving at the nearby Moomins, however only Houdini joined the group on October 17th. Sid Vicious was seen roving at the group on October 20th but did not join Houdini there. Houdini assumed the role of dominant male However he was last observed with the Moomins males and younger females on October 19th but was never seen again. It is possible he may have mated with the females including a female named Frida


Hoax Mob

Moomins Mob

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