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Hugo Gattaca


No information
Date of Birth
July 4, 2005
Date of Daeth
September 6, 2006
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Gringo and Unknown male
Known For
Gattaca Male
Also Known As
Gringo's son

Hugo(VGGM025) was born in the Gattaca Mob on July 4, 2005. His mother was Gringo and his father was a rover. His litter-mates were his two sisters named Olly(VGGF024), Amelie(VGGF027) and one brother named Flint(VGGM026). His mother was not the dominant female but that was his grandmother Risca and his grandfather Izit was dominant male. Risca wasn't very productive and had no pups of her own at the time of Hugo's birth so Risca allowed Gringo to keep her litter. The Gattaca were low in numbers so the pups boosted the group's numbers. Despite the Gattaca's small size, all four pups survived to atulhood. Hugo grew into an adult meerkat and acted as a babysitter for his grandmother's pups. He may have taken to roving with other Gattaca males. Izit died od disease and his mother Gringo disappeared with another female. A group of Vivian males joined the Gattaca in early 2006 however they could not stop the decline of the Gattaca. Most of the members dispersed or died of disease throughout 2006. Hugo disappeared on Septmeber 6, 2006 while roving with his brother Flint. They were both Last Seen and soon after the Gattaca was lost.


Mother: Gringo

Father: Unknown rover

Hugo and his grandfather Izit

Brother: Flint

Sisters: Olly and Amelie

Grandmother: Risca

Grandfather: Mojadji

Great Grandmothers: Brambles and Luella

Great Grandfathers: Argon and Balrog

Great Great mothers: Morgause and Ziziphus

Great Grandfathers: Keros and Belgarion

Great Great Grandmothers: Venus and Mabili


Gattaca Mob

Gringo Gattaca