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Imp(VEF036) was born in the Elveera on Janaury 15, 2000. Her mother was Bettik, a suborinate female in the Elveera, and her father was a rover named Mad Max, the fomer dominant male of the Drie Doring. Imp was born in a large litter of five, her litter-mates were Elf(VEF0??), Nereid(VE?0??), Goblin(VEM0??) and Sprite(VEM037). Bettik's mother Tenuvial was the dominant female, however she had no pups of her own at the time and allowed Bettik to keep her litter. Imp and her sibling survived despite not being the dominant female's pups. Imp and her litter-mates started helping out around the mob at a year of age. Imp and her mother and sister started to be evicted while Imp's brothers started to rove. In late 2001 Bettik and Elf were evicted and formed the Zappa. Neried disappared on September 28, 2001. Sprite and Goblin left the Elveera in early 2002 and joined the Young Ones leaving Imp as the last of her litter still in the Elveera. Imp remained in the Elveera for three years till she was evicted and disappared on February 22, 2003.

Imp probably joined up with other meerkats and formed a new wild group. Thanks to DNA Testing, it was discovered that Imp was the mother of several important wild dominant meerkats later on. The first being the dominant male of the Jackals named Dizzy Rascal, who was First Seen in late 2004. Next a wild male named The Dude was First Seen in July 2005 became dominant male of the Frisky and lastly, the dominant female of the Nutters, who was First Seen in 2007. These meerkats were probably not born in the same litter suggesting that Imp took dominance of a wild group and had multable litters. Imp was probably the dominant female of the group that later became known as the Nutters or the Nutters were a splinter of the group Imp was the dominant female of.

Imp probaly died somewhere between 2005 and 2007 shortly before the discovery of the Nutters. Her son, Dizzy Rascal died in June 2005. The Dude died in November 2005. He fathered eight pups at Frisky. Imp's Nutters were no longer followed after 2008 however can still be alive or have Nutter members in other groups. Two of Imp's grandchildren became dominant followed three great grandchildren later on. Imp's bloodline still lives on today in the Make-e-Plan and Namaqua mobs.


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