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Incas Mob

Incas Mob.jpg

Date of Formation
March of 2007
Still existing?
No; joined Aztecs

The Incas Mob was a group of roving male meerkats that originated from the Whiskers Mob in mid-2007. Since it lacked a dominant female, it was not considered a true mob, but more of a followed roving coalition. The Incas mob was formed by five Whiskers males that were seperated from the already split group. As the group consisted of only males led by the oldest male Zaphod. The existance of the Incas mob was relatively short, as the males soon met up and joined the Whiskers' splinter group, the Aztecs.

All Known Members

The Incas only consided of Whisker roving males. Zaphod (VVM032)

Logan (VWM074)

Ningaloo (VWM085)

Alonzo Mourning (VWM100)

Orinoco (VWM101)

Rival Mobs

The Incas Mob's short existance didn't give it much chance to interact with any mobs other than the Whiskers Mob, their mob of origin, and the Aztecs Mob, a splinter group of their original mob (the mob they join). But, the Incas still had the rivalry of the Starsky Mob, the Lazuli Mob, the Vivian Mob, the Kung Fu Mob, the Gattaca Mob, and the Zappa Mob. Even though they had never even faced one of these enemies, they were all still potential threats to the tiny Incas Mob.