Isosceles(VEKM031) was born in Setpember 2014 in the Ewoks Mob. His mother was McDreamy the dominant female and his father was most likely dominant male Tigi. Isosceles was born with two litter-mates, one sister named Sarah-Anne(VEKF032) and one brother named Doug Doug(VEKM033). The pups survived their first few months and strangely Dou Doug possibly went roving and was absent from the group in February 2015 but rejoined the group within the following month. The three made it to their first birthday and began to take on adult responsibilities. Isosceles was no much of a rover, possibly due to the drought. In December Isosceles along with several other meerkats were asbent from the group in a group split but rejoined the group in Janaury. However that month his mother McDreamy died and his older sister Edzna became the new dominant female. In Febaury most of the adult males went roving allowing a group of JaXX rovers to join the group. The new males caused the remaining natal-males including Isosceles to leave the group to go roving. Isosceles fate is unknown.


Ewoks Mob

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