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Itchy Whiskers

Itchy Whiskers(VWF039).jpg

Date of Birth
November 22, 2001
Date of Death
October 28, 2003
Cause of Death
Known For
One eyed Whiskers female

Itchy(VWF039) was born into the Whiskers Mob on November 22, 2001. Her mother was Vialli and her father was Zaphod. Her litter-mates were Big Will(VWM038), Scratchy(VWF040), Thelma(VWF041), Louise(VWF042), Tarzan(VWM044) and Daisy(VWF043). All seven pups survived! Flower was evicted from the group but returned on November 11, 2001. Her litter had been killed by Vialli before Itchy was born. December 6, 2001 Ugly Pup gave birth but her litter was lost. Being the daughter of the dominant female, Itchy was well taken care of. All teh adults hepled to care for her and her siblings. Itchy lost her mother three months after she was born, Vialli was killed on January 24, 2002. Itchy's aunt Flower assumed dominance on February 7, 2002 after a long compitition with the other adult females. Itchy and her sisters and brothers survived to adulthood. Itchy mated with a rover but lost the litter. Scratchy gave birth on March 1 2003 but her litter was abandoned. Thelma gave birth her litter was also abandoned. Soon Itchy and her sisters were the oldest females in the group. October 21, 2003 Flower evicted Itchy, Thelma and Daisy. Later she evicted Scratchy. The females stayed near the Whiskers for a few days but one by one the females disappeared. Itchy was Last Seen on October 28, 2003 along with Scratchy, Louise and Daisy with Thelma being last seen on November 14, 2003.


Mother: Vialli

Father: Zaphod

Brothers: Big Will and Tarzan

Sisters: Daisy, Scratchy, Louise and Thelma

Grandmothers: Holly and Vivian

Grandfathers: Argon and Phoenix

Great Grandmothers: Morgause, Ziziphus and Tenuvial

Great Grandfathers: Keros, Belgarion and Ectorius


Whiskers Mob

Vialli Whiskers

Big Will Whiskers