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Izar Rascals
Date of Birth
March 15, 2009
Date of Death
December 2012
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Son of Blondie and Grus
Also Known As
Crux's brother

Izar(VRRM125) was born on March 15, 2009 in the Rascals Mob. His parents were Blondie and Grus, who were the dominant couple at the time. Izar was born in a large litter of six pups His litter-mates were two brothers Crux(VRRM123) and VRRM127 and three sisters Ara(VRRF126), Lyra(VRRF128) and Vela(VRRF124). All six pups survived despite the fact the Rascals only had four adults and four juvenils in the group. The pups helped to boost the numbers of the small Rascals. In June 2009, his mother became absent from the Rascals, and was considered Last Seen. With Blondie gone, his aunt Islay took over as the dominant female without contest and was pregnant by August, however in September she was predated. Izar's older half sister Sancerre, who was just under a year old, took over as the dominant female. The group was made up of mostly young members, Izar's litter were the youngest meerkats in the group. Sadly his litter-mate VRRM127 disappeared within the same month along with VRRM121, most likely predated. His older half-sister Rioja gave birth to three pups in Janaury 2010, which made Izar and his litter-mates no longer the youngest of the group. Izar was wasn't old enough yet to help with babysitting. His older cousin Tigi and Grigio left the Rascals, making Izar one of the eldest males in the mob, along with his brother Crux. On September 2010 Lyra gave birth to VRRM132, VRRF133, VRRF134 and VRRF135, and this time IzAr was old enough to help his sister care for her pups. In April 2011 his other sister Ara gave birth to VRRP140, VRRP141, VRRM142 and VRRP143. Izar didn't rove much till he was around two year old. His brother Crux started to rove more and more and roved more than any other males in the Rascals at the time. He and Crux went roving in June 2011 and again in July. In Janaury 2012, Izar went roving with his brother Crux and nephew/brother Lazy Useless B**Tard went roving. Izar was Last Seen in December 2012.


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