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Izzy Lazuli


Date of Birth
February 17, 2003
Date of Death
August 11, 2005
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Meggie, Midge, Damian & Bobby
J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli, Zoey Lazuli, Franny Lazuli, Esme Lazuli and Holden Lazuli
Known For
J. Afred Prufrock's mother

Izzy(VLF087) was born on February 17, 2003 in the Lazuli. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was Basil. Her litter-mates were Meggie, Midge, Damian and Bobby. They survived their first few moths. Sadly Meggie died on August 7, 2003 followed by Damian who died on August 14, 2003. Then only five days later Midge died on August 19, 2003. Only she and Bobby remained. Izzy soon became one of the oldest females in the group. Her father died and JD took over. Cazanna started to evicted females to keep her place as dominant female. She evicted Pancake, Penny and Izzy often. Izyy mated with a rover and became pregnant. She gave birth to February 24, 2005 to Franny, Esme, Holden, Zoey and J. Alfred Prufrock. Finally Izzy disappeared and was Last Seen on August 11, 2005. Bobby was Last Seen on June 9, 2006. He disappeared with other males. After Cazanna died Aretha took over dominance along with her son J. Afled Prufrock. He would later form the Hoppla Mob were he would be the dominant male.

Meerkat Manor:

Izzy was seen as a Lazuli babysitter in Meerkat Manor. Consequently because the Lazuli Izzy was mention prior to the pup born in the Whiskers, the Whisker Izzy’s name was changed to Lizzy or Liz to prevent repeating names.



Lazuli Mob

Cazanna Lazuli

Basil Vivian

J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli