The Jabberwocky was formed in early 1999 when three Young Ones females, who had helped form the Frisky, teamed up with wild males. Igraine, one of the famous Avatar females, established dominance. The group had two successful litters, then all the wild males left the group, and the other two Frisky females were predated. The group was not followed afterwards.

Dominant Pair

The position of dominant female was taken by Igraine. One of the males had taken up the dominant male slot before all the boys left the group, leaving just a leading female.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Jabberwocky.
Igraine Avatar

Igraine and a pup




Wild males

2 sub-adults

4 pups


The Jabberwocky held a territory near the Frisky, the group that the founding females came from, and maybe a wild group from where the wild males came from. The may have also been near the Young Ones.


May 1999: Igraine, VYF003 and VYF004 teamed up with wild males. Irgaine became the dominant female with one of the wild males.

October 1999: VYF003 and VYF004 were predated.

In 1999: Two litters of pups were born. The wild males left the group, leaving Irgain with two sub-adults and four pups.

March 2000: Igraine was Last Seen.


Young Ones Mob

Frisky Mob

Avatar Mob

Igraine Avatar