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The Jackals Mob was founded in 2004 when three evicted Zappa females teamed up with two males, one from the Young Ones and a wild male. The group established well and soon produced a litter, but disaster hit when both males were killed on the Main Road. Observation stopped after that, and the group was not seen after 2005. 

Domiant Pair

Dominant female was probably the oldest female named Brandy. The wild male named Dizzy Rascal became the dominant male over the Young Ones male Ousik. In December 2004 Brandy died in, leaving either Soe Mi Ti or Taphin as the new dominant female. After both males were killed on the Main Road, the group was no longer followed.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Jackals.

Brandy (VZZF002)

Soe Mi Ti (VZZF012)

Taphin (VZZF013)

Ousik (VYM109)

Dizzy Rascal (VJKM001)

+Plus unknown number of pups


2004: Brandy, Soe Mi Ti and Taphin teamed up with Ousik and Dizzy Rascal. Brandy and Dizzy Rascal became the dominant male. One litter was born to one of the three females.

December 2004: Brandy died. Soe Mi Ti or Taphin became the next dominant female.

June 2005: Ousik and Dizzy Rascal were killed on the main road.

July 2005: Taphin, Soe Mi Ti and the rest of the Jackals were Last Seen.