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Jobin(VWM170) was born in April 2011 in the Whiskers. His mother was Ella and his father was most likely Thundercat. Jobin was born in a litter of four, his litter-mates were his two brothers Handsome Devil(VWM167), Mr. Shankly(VWM169) and one sister named Razzmatazz(VWF168). All four pups survived their first few weeks ad started foraging with the adults. They were Ella's last litter ever. In June Ella disappeared, while she was gone her eldest daughter Oriole became the dominant female. When Ella returned Oriole ousted her mother from the dominant female position. Oriole soon lost dominance to Enili. Soon Enili gave birth to a new litter which only one pup named Snotbubble survived in August 11. Jobin and his brothers and sister were no longer the pups of the Whiskers however at the age of three months old they could fend for themselves. In November 2011 Jobin was predated.


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