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Ju Drop Whiskers

Ju Drop Whiskers(VWF107).jpg

Formerly of the Toyota
Date of Birth
February 24, 2006
Date of Death
September 2, 2008
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Overthrowing Finn
Also Known As
Second Dominant Female of the Toyota


Ju Drop(VWF107) was born February 24, 2006, in the famous Whiskers. Her mother was Mozart, a subordinate female, and her father was a roving male named Bobby from the Lazuli. Her litter-mates were Wollow(VWM105), Miss Lily The Pink(VWF106), and Karim(VWM108). They were allowed to live by the dominant female Flower, but her mother Mozart was evicted with her aunts Kinkaju and Armanita Ditch, and her cousin De La Soul. They joined up with three males including Bobby and formed the Starsky. Her father Bobby took dominance of the new group but her mother didn't become the dominant female. Mozart was older but Kinkaju took dominance of the Starsky. All of Ju Drop's litter survived to adulthood. Rocket Dog took dominance of the Whiskers after Flower, Ju Drop's grandmother, died of a snake died. Rocket Dog began to evict females to assert her dominance. Karim left the Whiskers with his uncle and joined the Commandos. When Rocket Dog, Finn, Ju Drop, Miss Lilly the Pink, Ella, and Wiley Kat all got pregnant at the same time, Rocket Dog started to evict the females to protect her unborn pups. In December, Finn, Miss Lily The Pink, and Ju Drop were evicted by Rocket Dog and ran in to three wild males, Van Der WethuizenBracken, and Greegan.


Young Ju Drop playing with someone's shoe.

The new group was called the Toyota. Finn acquired the position of dominant female while Greegan took male dominance. In July 2008, Ju Drop overthrew her aunt and became the new dominant female. She evicted Finn, who went off and formed the Sequoia with a Commandos female name Benzedrine. In mid-August, both Ju Drop and Miss Lily the Pink gave birth to a mix litter which included Kriple Jan, Superman, Langman, Paymister, VTYP012, and VTYP013. The two unnamed pups were predated two months later. Ju Drop's reign was sadly short-lived. In September 2008, Ju Drop was sadly Last Seen after just two months as the dominant female. Miss Lilly the Pink took over after her.

Meerkat Manor

Ju Drop briefly played as a meerkat named Lyric in the episode "A New Day" in the third season of Meerkat Manor. During a burrow move Maybelline(Monkulus) refused to leave due to the risk to her pups. Lyric tried to force Maybelline into joining the move by grabbing one of her pups, but this only resulting in a fight breaking out. Even the new dominant female Rocket Dog couldn't take control of the matter; only Zaphod managed to end the squabbling. Lyric was not mentioned again on the show after this.


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