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Küçük(VZUM017) was born into the Zulus Mob in May 2014. His mother was Ocho Niple the dominant female and his father was Cagliostro. He had one litter-mate, VZUM018 who was sadly predated a month later in June. Küçük went roving for the first time in December 2014, at the age of seven-months. He didn't go roving again for almost a year, in September 2015. He became a regular rover after this. In January 2016 Küçük left his home mob and reapeared next month at a group nearby.


Küçük joined the Quintessentials Mob who had just lost their dominnant male, along with wildie Heroe and another Zulus male, Pi. Küçük competed for dominance but ended up losing to his older brother Pi. Küçük continued to rove in the area. In June 2016 Küçük and Heroe went roving and found a group that was lacking males.

Van Helsing

Küçük and Heroe joined the Van Helsing. Küçük took domiance immedietly next to the current dominant female, Egg. Egg gave birth in July to his first known fathered litter, consiting of  VVH?105, VVH?106, VVH?107, VVH?108, VVH?108 and VVH?109. She gave birth again to VVH?110, VVH?111, VVH?112, VVH?113, VVH?114 and VVH?115 in December 2016. In March 2017 Egg gave birth again along with subordinate female Goblin to VVHP116, VVH?117, VVH?118, VVH?119 and VVHP120. Küçük is belived to be the father of Eggs litter while the father of Goblin's litter is probably Heroe. In May Egg gave birth again though the litter is still underground. In August 2018, Kuçuk was found deceased due to TB.