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Kazeh(VJXM073) was born in the JaXX on February 19, 2014. His mother was Paddle Pop a subordinate females, and his father was an unknown rover, possibly from the Lazuli. Kazeh was born in a litter of four, with his two brothers VJXM072 and Ash(VJXM075) and one sister Gravaigu(VJXF074). In the following month of March, Paddle Pop was evicted and disappeared. That same month when the pups started foraging, VJXM072 died. In August the long-term dominant female, Kazeh's grandmother, Diana died, and that same month, Gravaigu was strangely evicted, possibly by the competing females and disappeared. Kazeh and his brother remained in the JaXX for about two years until they left the group along with Chewbacca, Poletje and Paddington in February 2016.


Kazeh immigrated into the Ewoks and became the dominant male of the gang beside Edzna the new dominant female. In April Edzna gave birth to VEKP047, VEKM048 and VEKP049, however VEKP048 was predated. The other two pups survived. All the subdorinate males began to rove, however Kazeh stayed with the Ewoks and soon Ednza got pregnant, but she lost the litter. She quickly got pregnant but Kazeh sadly died in August 2016; and his brother Ash took his place as the new dominant male.


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