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Ketamine Commandos


Formerly of the Commandos
Date of Birth
Janaury 30, 2005
Date of Death
October 11, 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
No information
Known For
Second dominant male of the Commandos
Also Known As
Maybe playing Argon or Titus in Meerkat Manor The Story Begins

Ketamine(VCDM001) was born on Janaury 30, 2005 in the newly formed Commandos. He was the first born son of Zorilla, the dominant female and his father was dominant male Aragorn. He was born with two litter-mates named Benzedrine(VCDF002) and Ethylene(VCDF003). They were the first litter ever born in the Commandos and Ketamined recieved the first Commando ID code ever. The Commandos were a new mob that formed in November 2004 and had few adult meerkats, but the small litter survived to adulthood. Zorilla kept producing ig litters of pups and the Commandos soon grew mighty. Ketamine's litter was one of the smallest litters Zorilla had. As an adult meerkat Ketamine helped care for his mother's pups and help his father keep sentry over the Commandos. Soon in 2006 Ketamine's uncles began to leave the group and Zorilla evicted her sisters. Ethylene left the group in 2006 leaving only Ketamine and Benzedrine still in the Commandos. In early 2007 Ketamine's father Aragorn died. Ketamine was the oldest male in the group and with no unrelated males to take dominance beside Zorilla, Ketamine took over the role of dominant male of the Commandos beside his mother. Ketamine was great as the dominant male, seen always on sentry duty. He, like all dominant males, chased off rovers and even attacked a roving male named Flava Flav with his brothers and send the rover running. However Ketamine was out witted by Jogu who mated with his mother Zorilla. In late 2007 Ketamine went roving and in his absence a group of five Whiskers males into Commandos. Zarathustra, the oldest male, took over as the new dominant male. Since the Commandos no longer needed him, Ketamine was free to rove and left the Commandos for good. Ketamine led a large group of Commando rovers all his younger brothers, Flash, Hector, Jasper, Danger Wank, Baldersnatch and Moritz. They were seen roving at other groups before they all disappeared. The males most likely had joined evicted females or because the roving group was soon big, they may have joined a wild group. Wild rovers seen at the current meerkats mobs may be Ketamine's sons. Ketamine was Last Seen on October 11, 2007.


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