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Kori JaXX


Formerly of the JaXX
Date of Birth
August 13, 2008
Date of Death
July 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Korhaan, Dikkop, and VJXP007
Known For
Third dominant male of JaXX

Kori(VJXM005) was born on August 13, 2008 in the JaXX Mob. His mother was Diana and his father was Vince. His litter-mates were his one brother, Korhaan(VJXM006) and two sisters, Dikkop(VJXF008) and VJXP007. Sadly, VJXP007 was predated in October 2008. In April 2008 Kori's father Vince disappeared and was Last Seen along with the oldest subordinate males in the group. This left Kori and has brother Korhaan as the oldest males in the group. In May 2008 Kori became the natal dominant male of the JaXX in spite being only 9 months old. But a month later he gave up his role, leaving the JaXX without a dominant male. In November 2009, Kori's brother Korhaan was predated. In March 2010 Kori finally retook the position of dominant male, but he could not breed with the dominant female as she was his mother, Diana. In October 2010 Kori went roving for the first time. That same month his last remaining littermate Dikkop was evicted, but she managed to return to the group. From then onwards Kori spent a lot of his time roving. His mother Diana continued to produce litters by mating with visiting unrelated males. By late 2011 Kori's sister Dikkop had been evicted along with some other females. Together they formed the Cave Men Mob, making Kori the last of his litter still in the JaXX. Meanwhile, Kori kept roving at rival groups. He was seen visiting the Toyota Mob several times. Throughout 2012 and 2013 Kori remained the dominant male but spent most of his time roving. In July 2013 Kori and five other males all went roving and left the JaXX. Kori was sadly not seen again and was considered Last Seen.


Mother: Diana

Father: Vince

Brother: Korhaan

Sister: Dikkop and VJXF007


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

Vince JaXX