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Kriple Jan(VYTF008) was born on the August 17, 2008 in the Toyota Mob. Her mother was Ju Drop and her father was Greegan. She had five litter-mates Langman(VYTM009), Superman(VYTM010), Paymister(VTYM011), VTYP012 and VTYP013. In October Ju Drop disappeared and VTYP012 and VTYP013 were predated. Ju Drop had been the dominant female but with her gone, Kriple Jan's aunt Miss Lilly the Pink became the new dominant female. Kriple Jan and her three brothers survived to adulthood. In 2009 Morgs and Stop It left the group, leaving Kriple Jan as the oldest female beside Miss Lily the Pink. Kriple Jan was often evicted but she managed to stay in the group. Langman disappeared after roving levaing Kirple Jan, Superman and Paymister as the last of their litter. In December 2010, Greegan died of disease so Paymister became the dominant male. Disease started to spread through the group and Miss Lilly the Pink died. Kriple Jan was too sick to take dominance so Hoodwink became the new dominant female. Kriple Jan died in June 2011.


Mother: Ju Drop

Father: Greegan

Litter-mates: Langman, Superman, Paymister, VTYP012 and VTYP013


Toyota Mob

Ju Drop Whiskers

Greegan Toyota