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Lancelot(VWM007) was born on November 28, 1998, in the Whiskers. His mother was Piglet and his father was an unknown rover. His litter-mates were his one brother Jean-Luc(VWM008) and two sisters Aphrodite(VWF009) and Artemis(VWF010). His mother Piglet was not the dominant female at the time, but his aunt Holly. She had no pups of her own - she had lost her litter to pregnant Piglet - so she allowed the pups to remain in the Whiskers. Lancelot and his siblings survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Whiskers were a new group and had few adults; despite the fact, all four pups survived to adulthood. In September 1999, Holly evicted his mother Piglet, his aunt Brambles, and his cousins Rafiki, Risca, and Mufassa. All females but his cousin Risca disappear; they most likely teamed up with wild males. At a year of age, Lancelot and his litter-mates started to help out with the new pups, taking sentry posts, and Lancelot and his brother started to take to roving. Once while babysitting one of Holly's litters, the Lazuli attacked the babysitting burrow. Lancelot protected the pups from the invading Lazuli long enough for the Whiskers to return and drive them away. Lancelot and all four pups survived the burrow raid. In September 2000, Holly died on so Risca became the new dominant female. On October 22, 2000, the dominant male Argon left to go roving and Beetle established himself as the new dominant male. Lancelot and his brother and sisters survived to their second year. Lancelot was one of the oldest males in the group. In 2001 Beetle, Lancelot, Dennis Wise, Porthos, Tama, Rangi, Orgali, Thumper, and Hazel went roving. While the males were away a large group of Vivian males joined the Whiskers and prevented the Whisker rovers from rejoining the group. Upon their return, the Whisker rovers ran into two evicted Whisker females.


The males stayed with the two females and established a Whisker splinter group known as the Hobgoblin. The two Whiskers females were Zola and Aramis; Zola was the older of the two, so she established dominance with Beetle. Aramis was Lancelot's younger half sister from Piglet's second litter. The males didn't stay in this mob for long since they couldn't mate with any of the females. Lancelot and the other males went roving and left the group, probably to join wild females. Lancelot was Last Seen September 1, 2001.


Mother: Piglet

Father: Unknown

Brother: Jean-Luc

Sisters: Artemis and Aphrodite


Whiskers Mob

Hobgoblin Mob