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Lanky Dave(VBBM044) was born on October 3, 2009, in the Baobab. His mother was a subordinate female called Cruise, and his father was an unknown male. He was born with three sisters named Spatula(VBBF045), Nipplescratcher(VBBF046), and Spam(VBBF043). When the pups were only two months old the Baobab separated into two groups. The other half became known as the Urukhai. Lanky Dave's mother Cruise became the leader of the Urukhai, but Lanky Dave and his siblings remained in the Baobab. Only a month later the Urukhai rejoined the Baobab, and Cruise returned to a subordinate position under the dominant female Hawkeye. In April 2010, Hawkeye was hit by a car and died, leaving the dominant position to Cruise. Lanky Dave and his litter-mates all survived to adulthood, but shortly after reaching maturity in December 2010, Lanky Dave's sisters Spam and Nipplescratcher left the group and were Last Seen. In June 2012, Lanky Dave went roving for the first time. Following that he began occasionally joining his brothers on their roving trips. In July 2013, he finally left the group along with sixteen other Baobab males.


The males joined up with Kung Fu females and formed the Friksarmy (originally named the Freakin' Awesome). Lanky Dave took a subordinate position and spent much of his time roving, but in November 2013, he overthrew Lionel and became the new dominant male of the group. In spite being the dominant male, he went roving the next month. In June 2014, the position of dominant male became unclear. Lanky Dave went roving during that month and didn't return to the group until July 2014. He was absent from the Friksarmy again in August 2014. Following that he was no longer mentioned in any reports. It's assumed he disappeared in August 2014.


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