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Lionel(VBBM041) was born into the Baobab on September 19, 2009. His mother was Hawkeye Whiskers and his father was thought to have been dominant male, Al Capone . Lionel was born with one litter mate brother, Bumpy(VBBM042), and two sisters named Leptis Magna(VBBF040)and Akiko(VBBF039). Lionel and his four litter mates survived to adulthood. His mother Hawkeye died in April 2010 after being hit by a car. Later in December 2010 Lionel's two sistsers Leptis Magna and Akiko left the group and was Last Seen. The next year in July Lionel and his brother Bumpy went roving for the first time. Over time the brothers became regular Baobab rovers. Lionel is still alive and living in the Baobab today. In October 2013, Lionel became dominate male of the Freakin' Awesome Mob, But then lost dominance to Lanky Dave Baobab. Lionel was Last seen in February 2015.


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