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Logi Baobab

Logi is injured2.png

Formerly, of the Ubuntu
Date of Birth
September 2014
Date of Death
March 2019
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Amarula and Unknown
Bumblebeetuna and Franki Brown Bear
VUB?003, VUB?004, VUB?005 Possibly: VUB?006, VUB?007, VUB?008, VUB?009, VUB?010 and VUB?011
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Ubuntu


Logi(VBBF104) was born into the Baobab Mob in September 2014. Her mother was Amarula the dominant female and her father was an unknown rover, possibly Rozza, Gump or Pitio of the Whiskers. She had two litter-mates, Bumblebeetuna(VBBM102) and Franky Brown Bear(VBBM103). She and her litter-mates all survived to adult-hood. Her brothers started to rove, and she started to help out with her mothers pups. Logi got pregnant for the first time along with her mother Amarula. She carried this pregnancy full term and gave birth to a mixed litter of four pups. The litter consisting of Berlioz, Edgar, Toulouse and O'Mally, all males. All of them survived to adulthood. Logi got pregnant again in June and went missing. She along with several other females were absent in July and August. She reappeared in September with two of her sisters, wild males and pups.


Logi formed the Ubuntu mob with her sisters, Daisy and Minusch, plus wild males VUBM001 and VUBM002. Logi gave birth to her second surviving litter of VUB?003, VUB?004 and VUB?005. She got pregnant the next month along with Daisy and in January 2017 she and Daisy gave birth. The litter had five pups, VUB?006, VUB?007, VUB?008, VUB?009, VUB?010 and VUB?011. The next month in February when the pups were just a wee old, Logi was bitten by a Puff Adder on her leg. She was absent and not found until March, where she was found raising her and Daisy's litter. When she returned to the group her younger sister Minusch took the oppertunity to overthrow Logi. In September 2017, Logi was evicted for the first time since taking a subordinate role. This was probably due to the fact that Minusch was pregnant, as Daisy joined her in exile during the following month. Both females were able to rejoin the group after the litter was born in November. Logi and Daisy were both confirmed to be pregnant in December, but only Logi was evicted around that time. She was unable to rejoin the group until January 2018. Daisy had overthrown Minusch, but both litters were lost. Logi once again found herself evicted by the end of the month. Logi quickly fell pregnant again in February, but soon aborted. She also left the group according to life history information for that month. However, she made several attempts to rejoin in March and April before briefly succeeding in May before being evicted again. Logi was seen near the group on 18 separate occasions in June, but we unable to rejoin them. In July, she was encountered by the main group 11 times, but was once again unable to rejoin. She briefly formed a subgroup, Ubuntu 2 with a former Lazuli male Jazzy Jeff in August, they soon split up, leaving Logi alone again. Logi managed to briefly rejoin Ubuntu in September 2018, but she was soon evicted once again. Logi would spend several months almost completely on her own. She fell pregnant in December, but would eventually lose the litter shortly after giving birth. In February 2019, Logi was briefly joined by her younger sister, Minusch a more recent Ubuntu evictee. Logi was not seen at all throughout March 2019 and therefore considered Last Seen.