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was born in March 14, 2012 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was either Enili or Treva The Renewer and his father was an unknown roving male. Loredo was the only male born in his litter, his litter-mates were his three sisters named Mentawai(VWF174), Pe'ahi(VWF177) and Swift(VWF176). All the pups survived their first three months. In May the Whiskers encountered a snake, Loredo's uncle Ernesto was bitten by the snake however he survived and recovered. Sadly in June 2012, Loredo's sister Metawai was predated and Treva later left the group to join the Toyota with Naggapatzi a few months later. Loredo and his sisters survived their to their first year. His sisters started to be evicted by pregnant Enili, the dominant female, while Loredo started to rove with the other males. Loredo remained in the group after new males joined the Whiskers, however in July he took to roving and disappeared. Loredo was considered Last Seen in July 2013.

Planet Earth Live

Loredo was featured in the May 2012  BBC documentary series called Planet Earth Live. His sister Swift played a bigger role along with his uncle Ernesto. Loredo was seen with his sisters learning to survive in the harsh Kalahari.


Whiskers Mob

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