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Louilou(VYM123) was born into the Young Ones Mob on March 4, 2005. He was born into a mixed litter and so it is unclear who his parents are. His mother could have been Asterix, Mia Moya or Lisani, and his father may have been either Alexander or a roving male. Louilou's litter-mates included Salis(VYM121), Maja(VYF127), Heidi(VYF124), Aurinko(VYM122), Sepp(VYM125), Cube(VYM126) and Lotte(VYF128). Sadly, Louilou and his litter-mate Heidi died in May 2005. Heidi was predated on May 17 and three days later Louilou was predated on May 22, 2005.


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