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Mad Max

Mad Max(VDM014) was a wild male who joined the Drie Doring with several other wild males in October 1995. Mad Max was born in an unknown, wild mob, making his origins unknown. After the Drie Doring's natal males were replaced by wild males, Mad Max competed for dominance, but lost to Rambo. Mad Max remained in the Drie Doring, helping out with the pups and taking to roving at times. In April 1997, Rambo was finally challenged and overthrown by another wild male identified as VDM015, and in June, Mad Max overthrew VDM015 and became the new dominant male. The dominant female at the time was Mabili, and she accepted him as her new mate. Mabili and another female became pregnant, although both lost their litters to another pregnant female. Mabili soon became pregnant again and gave birth in August. However, these pups were probably fathered by VDM015, considering she was already pregnant in July. In October, Rambo overthrew Mad Max. Mabili started to show signs of being pregnant shortly after Mad Max lost dominance, making the father unclear. In late 1999, Mad Max went roving shortly after recovering from losing dominance. He visited the Elveera, where he mated with a subordinate female named Bettik. Mad Max soon disappeared shortly after this; however, Bettik gave birth to five pups in January 2000 that were fathered by Mad Max.


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