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Maladoy Whiskers

Maladoy Whiskers(VWM080).jpg

Date of Birth
October 10, 2004
Date of Death
October 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Jogu and VWM082
Known For
One of Baddiel's sons
Also Known As
McMurphy on Meerkat Manor

Maladoy(VWM080) was born on October 10, 2004, in the Whiskers Mob. He was the son of Baddiel, a subordinate female, and his father was JD, a rover from the Lazuli Mob. His litter-mates were his two brothers Jogu(VWM081) and VWM082. The dominant pair at the time he was born was his grandparents Flower and Zaphod. He was born around the same time Flower gave birth to Mitch, Hawkeye, Logan, and Cruise and his aunt Mozart also gave birth to a litter of four pups, Tina Sparkle, VWF077, Spud, and VWM079. Only two survived and they were Tina Sparkle and Spud. Either of the two females could have killed Maladoy and his brothers; however, Flower allowed all the pups to remain in the Whiskers, which was a fairly large mob at the time. Zaphod's brother Yossarian made a burrow move which killed Mozart's daughter VWF077 when she got left behind and was forgotten. All the other pups survived the burrow move and started foraging with the adults. While out foraging, VWM082 and VWM079 disappeared and were assumed predated. The other pups survived to adulthood and became active members within the group. Despite the fact the Whiskers were up to thirty members strong and had plenty of babysitters, Maladoy and his brother once were left behind to babysit the pups at the age of five months, so they were still too young. When they reached a year of age both Jogu and Maladoy later became great babysitters. Maladoy disappeared shortly after roving with his brother Jogu, older uncle Pozzo, and their older brother Flava Flav. Maladoy was Last Seen in October 2007.

Meerkat Manor

Jogu and Maladoy on Meerkat Manor

On Meerkat Manor, McMurphy(Maladoy) was first seen as one of the pups of Tosca(Baddiel) along with his brother Jogu(Jogu). Jogu and McMurphy fail to babysit Flower's pups in season one in one of the middle episodes. Maladoy wasn't mentioned often after that, unlike his brother Jogu, who played a key character in the Meerkat Manor series and was mentioned a lot with Mitch. Maladoy made his final appearance in the episode, "A New Day", when he played McMurphy, who helped Mitch attack and chase away the Zappa's dominant male Houdini during a fight. Maladoy was also featured in the short movie Ella, A Meerkats Tale as a pup named Max. His mother played Ella(Baddiel) while his brothers Jogu played Jango and VWM082 played Charlie. Max was often calm and steady.


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