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Mbabane(VBM028) born in the Balrog on October 31, 2001. His mother was Luella and his father was Balrog. His litter-mates were Sobantu(VBM025), Kali(VBM026), Jacaranda(VBF027) and Mojadji(VBM029). The were the only litter ever know to be born to Luella during the duration of her dominace when the Balrog Mob was monitored. When he was born, the Balrog group were already being habutated. Since he was the son of the dominant couple, he and his litter-mates were well looked after. Luella aborted her next litter then she became very sick. Not long after Luella died of her sickness and adult female Mandella became the new dominant female. She may have been his older sister or aunt, maybe a cousin. She only held dominance for a month before she was killed by a car on the main road. Then in September five Vivian females soon joined the group, Velvet became the dominant female beside Mbabane's father. Mbabane lived his life a subordinate male in the Balrog and started to rove with the other malesd. He soon became one of the oldest males within the group. Vevlet died in February 2005 and her daughter Babbelas, Mbabane's half sister, became the new dominant female. Life changed for him when his father Balrog died from possible old age a few montha later. The position of being the dominant male was open however the oldest male Shongolongo did not seem interested in being the dominant male. He was two years older then Mbabane. So Mbabane asted acting as the dominant male of the Balrog. He remained int he group till he and Shonglolongo and a few other males left the group. He and the other Balrog males were seen roving with Hannibal of the Vivian and wild males. The was the last day he was seen. Mbabana was Last Seen on July 17, 2005, however Hannibal later joined the Balrog. Mbabane probably joined a wild group where maybe he became the dominant male.


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