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Naming tip: To avoid confusion, when starting a page on a meerkat, rather then typing Meerkatname, you should type Meerkatname mobname. (I.E, Flower Whiskers instead of Flower) When starting an article on a mob, instead of mobname, you should type Mobname Mob. (I.E, Whiskers Mob instead of Whiskers). Please be sure to read the Meerkats Wiki Dictionary prior to making any contributions to the Wiki to ensure you understand expectations.

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Featured Article

Monkulus Whiskers

Monkulus Whiskers was born on February 22, 2004 in Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Flower Whiskers and her father was Yossarian Vivian. Her litter-mates were Armanita Ditch Whiskers, Lucky Whiskers, Pozzo Whiskers and Zarathustra Whiskers. Monkulus rose to fame on Meerkat Manor due to her role as Maybelline. She had become the dominant female of the Aztecs Mob after they broke away from the Whiskers Mob because of group unrest. Monkulus's sister Rocket Dog Whiskers became the dominant female of the main half and Monkulus's main rival.

'See Monkulus Whiskers for more'

Featured Media

Butch, Bandy, Beans and Bedonde by Pauline Toni.jpg Photograph by Pauline Toni.

Current Meerkat Mobs

  1. Elrond's Council Mob
  2. Gold Diggers Mob
  3. Hakuna Matata Mob
  4. JaXX Mob
  5. Lazuli Mob
  6. Make-e-Plan Mob
  7. Namaqua Mob
  8. Phoenix Mob
  9. Runaways Mob
  10. Trackie-Daks Mob
  11. Ubuntu Mob
  12. Whiskers Mob
  13. Zulus Mob
  14. Side Quest Mob

Last updated January 2022. See Lost Mobs to see all the mobs that have been lost.

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