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Monkulus Whiskers was born on February 22, 2004 in Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Flower and her father was Yossarian. Her litter-mates were her two sisters Armanita Ditch,Lucky and her two brothers Pozzo and Zarathustra. Her parents were the dominant pair of Whiskers by that time. Her mother Flower was from Whiskers origin and became the dominant female in 2002. Her father Yossarian was from Vivian origin who joined Whiskers in 2001 along with seven other brothers from Vivian. Shortly before Monkulus was born her father Yossarian took over dominance in the group after taking it from Zaphod who was the previous dominant male. Then after the birth Yossarian lost dominance to Zaphod again and continued his life as a regular rover.
Monkulus May08

Monkulus Whiskers

In mid 2006 the Whiskers group having over 30 members split up. One gang was led by Monkulus's older half sister Super Furry Animal. Her brother Zarathustra joined Commandos along with a couple of other Whiskers males and became the dominant male. Her sister Lucky died as a pup. Her sister Armanita Ditch was evicted multiple times from the group and founded Starsky with other Whiskers females, Lazuli males and a Young Ones male. In January 2007 her mother Flower died from a snake bite and the position was wide open. Monkulus was three years old by then so it was between her and her older sister Rocket Dog. Rocket Dog won dominance over Monkulus and became the dominant female. Monkulus was very rebellious and unwilling to accept her sister as the dominant female. She always rebelled against Rocket Dog's authority. After being put in her place multiple times Monkulus left the group along with other members to start Aztecs. Monkulus was the dominant female of her group and this time she got what she always wanted, To Be A Dominant Female. Shortly after the formation of Aztecs, Incas joined it formed by King Zaphod and his sons. Zaphod became the dominant male of Aztecs along side his niece Monkulus.

'See Monkulus Whiskers for more'


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