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On Meerkats Wiki, a mob may become recognized as a "Featured Mob" after it passes the inspection of the Critical Analysts' Board with full support. The board analyzes the mob to ensure that it meets the criteria to become a featured mob. This criteria may be found below. To nominate and to see the current status of nominated mobs, go to the Featured Mob Acquisition page.

Featured Mob Requirements

In order for the mob to be eligible for the title of "Featured Mob", it must meet the following requirements:

  • The mob's article must be featured
  • The mob's article must have the proper set-up (Template:TabM, Template:TabME, Template:TabMC, Template:TabMF, Template:TabMG)
  • The mob's article must not have any images that aren't properly sourced and licensed
  • At least 10 of the mob member's articles must be featured. If there are less than 10 members, then they all must be featured articles
  • The Critical Analysts' Board must inspect the mob and respond with full support for its acquisition of the title "Featured Mob"
  • The mob must undergo a bimonthly review by a member of the Critical Analysts' Board in order to retain its status as a Featured Mob.

Current Featured Mobs

  • None yet!!!