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Meerkitty(VTYF038) was born in Janaury 2011 in the Toyota Mob. Her mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and her father was most likely Greegan the former dominant male of the Toyota. Biff was born in a large litter of five, her litter-mates were one sister named Biff(VTYF037) and three brothers named Kermit(VTYM039), Evil Betty(VTYM040) and Nabby(VTYM041). At the time of Meerkitty's birth her older half brother Paymister was the dominant male. Her father Greegan had died in December 2011 from disease and she and her litter-mates were probably his last litter. The Toyota was a good size group so the pups survived their first three months. However the group became infected with disease. Sadly in April 2012, Evil Betty was predated and in May Miss Lilly The Pink died from disease. Meerkitty's older sister Hoodwink became the dominant female of the Toyota. In that same month Meerkitty and Kermit disappeared and were conisdered Last Seen.


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