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Megan Fox JaXX


Formerly of the Goodfellas and Honey Badgers
Date of Birth
September 19, 2009
Date of Death
April 2013
Cause of Death
Diana and Unknown
Arcee and VJXM020
Known For
Being overthrown and evicted by rival females
Also Known As
A Cave Men, Goodfellas and Honey Badger Founder


Megan Fox(VJXF018) was born on September 19, 2009 in the JaXX. Her mother was Diana, the dominant female, and her father was a rover from another group, possibly from the Whiskers. She had one litter-mate sister Arcee(VJXF019) and one brother VJXM020, who was sadly predated in November 2009. Megan Fox and her sister both survived to adulthood. In Janaury 2011 Megan Fox was pregnant along with Arcee, Diana, and Dikkop, probably after mating with Toyota males. Megan Fox aborted her litter along with Arcee and Dikkop while Diana gave birth to a new litter. In October 2011 Megan Fox was evicted along with her older sisters Dikkop and Gene. They met up with three Lazuli rovers within that same month. In November 2011 they established a group called Cave Men. But Megan Fox quickly rejoined the JaXX with Gene. By that time they were the oldest subordinate females in the JaXX, resulting in frequent evictions from their mother whenever she was expecting. In August 2012, Megan Fox was evicted along with Gene, Arcee and Lena. Following that Gene and Lena were Last Seen while Megan Fox remained absent. Her sister Arcee managed to rejoined the group. Megan Fox was Last Seen in September 2012 however in November 2012 she and Gene reappeared in a new group.


Megan Fox in Jaxx

The females were seen with three Toyota males; the group was followed and called the Goodfellas Mob. Even though Gene was older, Megan Fox became the dominant female. Rafola became the dominant male at her side. Sadly one of the males named Scampi died. In December 2012 two wild males joined the small group, but Goodfellas continue to struggle due to disease. In Jaunuary 2013 two Kung Fu females, Spektor and Rhymenoceros, joined the group and evicted Megan Fox and Gene. Megan Fox was pregnant at the time but ended up aborting her litter.

Honey Badgers

Megan Fox and Gene formed a new group with two wild males called the Honey Badgers Mob. It was unclear who the dominant pair was at the end of the month. Megan Fox eventually established dominance over her older sister. However she started to show signs of TB in early March. In April 2013 Megan Fox sadly died of TB and soon after the males dispersed from the mob, leaving her sister Gene alone.


JaXX Mob

Cave Men Mob

Goodfellas Mob