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Mentawai(VWF174) was born on March 14, 2012, into the Whiskers. Her mother was either Enili or a subordinate female named Treva The Renewer, and her father was an unknown rover. Mentawai had three litter-mates named Swift(VWF176), Loredo(VWM175), and Pe'ahi(VWF177). The Whiskers were a good-sized mob, so Mentawai and her litter-mates were well-looked after. However, in June 2012, Mentawai was sadly predated at only three months old.

Planet Earth Live

Mentawai was featured in the May 2012 BBC documentary series called Planet Earth Live. His sister Swift played a bigger role along with her uncle Ernesto. Mentawai was never mentioned by name, but was seen with her sisters and brother learning to survive in the harsh Kalahari. Mentawai died a month after filming stopped.


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