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Minusch(VBBF109) was born into the Baobab Mob in March 2015. Her mother was either Amarula or Lekshmi and her father was either wild male Maximus or War or Famine from the Van Helsing. She was born in a litter of five, her litter-mates were Peppina(VBBF110), Daisy(VBBF111), Leia(VBBF112) and Steven Gerrard(VBBM113). The Baobab at the time were very well established and numbered over 25. So Minusch and her siblings all had a very high chance of survival and they all did end up surviving to adulthood. Minusch got pregnant for the first time in April 2016, along with her sister Leia but they both ended up aborting. In August of the same year, Minusch was absent along with several other females. The next month Minusch and her sisters Logi and Daisy appeared with wild males.


Minusch, Logi and Daisy were found with two wild males, this group was named the Ubuntu. The next month she, Daisy and JaXX male Paddington were all separated from the group and absent. That same month Logi was bitten by a snake, she wasn't killed but she was severely injured. Minusch took this opportunity and overthrew her older sister. In February she got pregnant and the next month she gave birth but this litter was lost. Minusch got pregnant again in May but aborted. She didn't get pregnant again until October 2017 and gave birth in November to VUB?015, VUB?016, VUB?017 and VUB?018. All of the pups from her November litter survived their first few month. In January after a group split Minusch was overthrown by her younger sister Daisy. Minusch was evicted several times in the months that followed but she always returned to the Ubuntu. Minirusch fell pregnant again in December 2018. She lost the litter in January 2019 shortly after giving birth. Minusch was evicted for the final time in February 2019 along with her niece, Estosha (VUBF005). The females were unsuccessful in all attempts to rejoin the group and considered Last Seen.