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Mo(VCDM005) was born on June 15, 2005 in the Commandos. His mother was Kleintjie and his father was Aragorn. Mo was born with three litter-mates, two brothers named Rusty(VCDM006) and Drew(VCDM007) and a sister named Phoebe(VCDF008). The Commandos were a young mob but they were fast growing. The pups survived to their first few months, but Rusty died in September 2005. Only a month later Mo's sister Phoebe was also lost. Mo and his remaining brother Drew survived to adulthood. Only a month after he had reached adulthood Mo disappeared. He was Last Seen on July 17, 2006. His last remaining sibling Drew was then Last Seen just under a year later.


Commandos Mob

Kleintjie Gattaca