Mojadji (VBM029) was born into the Balrog Mob on October 31, 2001. His mother was Luella and his father was Balrog. His litter-mates were Kali( VBM026), Jacaranda (VBF027) and Mbabane (VBM028). They suvived to adulthood. Mojadji went roving in late 2002. He roved at the Gattaca. The males Stinker and Izit were fighting for dominance at the time. the dominant female Risca was readly to mate but the dominant males were payign no attention to her. So he caught her eye and she mated with him. He was chased away by the males once they noticed him. Risca later gave birth to Gringo (VGGF010) and Pancho (VGGM011). He returned to the Balrog. He probably disappeared while roving or died of TB. His dauhter would later help form the Commandos but she would return to the Gattaca later.


Mother: Luella

Father: Balrog

Sister: Jacaranda

Brothers: Kali and Mbabane

Mate: Risca

Children: Gringo and Pancho

Grand Children: Flint, Amelie, Hugo and Olly


Balrog Mob

Balrog Balrog

Mbabane Balrog

Risca Whiskers

Gringo Gattaca

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