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Moppet(VYM025) was born in the Young Ones in January 21, 1998. His parents were Morgause and Keros. His litter-mates were his brother Dorf(VYM025) and sister Hunca Munca(VYF023). As the dominant pair's pups, they were well looked after. Moppet survived to adulthood along with his litter-mates. He started to help out around the mob by taking sentry and babysitting his mother's pups. Moppet became an uncle when Hunca Munca gave birth to Alexi, Neil and Rik in April 1999. Moppet helped with sister care for her pups. She remained with the Young Ones for another year and disappeared in November 2000, leaving Moppet with just his remaining brother as his last sibling. Moppet stayed in the Young Ones a little longer. In September 2001 he and a large froup of other males, which included his brother Dorf, older brother Pippin and younger brothers Darwin, Jim Bob, Douglas, John Boy, Jason, Presephone and nephew Niko, left the group for good.


The lareg roving coalition settled within the Vivian Mob after all the natal-male males had taken to roving and dispersed. The oldest of the males competed for dominance, however Moppet was ousted by Pippin. After spending a year within the Vivian, Pippin was overthrown by younger male Darwin and soon took to roving. Moppet and Dorf went with him, unable to take dominance from their younger brother.


The three Young Ones males roved around for a while until they visited the nearby Frisky group. The resident males were away rovings allowing an easy way for the Young Ones males to make their way into the mob. Pippin, Moppet and Dorf drove off the returning males that later formed the Pharside Mob. With the natal-males gone, Pippin established dominance again. Moppet remained with the Frisky and helped out with the mob. He and Dorf conituned to rove when there were no pups. Dorf later disappeared in November 2003, leaving Moppet as the sole remaining meerkat from his litter. Moppet stayed with the Frisky for almost three years before he disappeared and was Last Seen on August 15, 2004.


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