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Morris(VYM004) was born in the Young Ones on March 20, 1996. His mother was Morgause and his father was Arah. His litter-mates were his two brothers, Stinker(VYM005) and VYM007, and a sister VYF006. His father wasn't the dominant male but, his older brother Keros. Only Morris and Stinker survived to adulthood because, his sister sadly died on July 13, 1997 and his other brother died as a pup. Morris and Stinker started to rove. Morris went roving one day with Durnik and his litter-mate VYM018. They joined some Vivian females. The females were Rosemary, Cascade, Sparkle and Imogen. They formed the Nemesis Mob. Morris might have took over dominance being the oldest male, along with Sparkle or Cascade who probably won the fight for dominance, being the oldest females and litter-mates. Short after the group was formed some wild males joined the group and kicked out the Vivian males. Morris went roving again. He joined the X-iles group for a while but soon left to rove. He disappeared in late 1999. He was Last Seen on October 17, 1999. His brother became famous for becoming the dominant male of the Vivian, Gattaca and Balrog before he died on December 1, 2005.  Stinker lived the longest out of their litter.


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