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Mr. Burns(VWMM028) was born September 8, 2000 in the Whiskers. His mother was Holly and his father was Argon. His litter-mates were Montgomery(VWM027) and Smithers. Sadly Montgomery died as a pup and Smithers remained much weaker than Mr. Burns for a long time. Holly died on Speltember 18, 2000, only a few dfays after the pups were born. The eldest females took care of the litter. Agorn and Delpheus left the groupr and formed the QQ group mob. After Holly was predated, Risca took female dominance. She evicted the eldest females when a large group of Vivian males joined the group. Risca later lost dominance to Vialli who became the new dominant with with Zaphod. After Vialli died, the position of dominant female was open. Mr.Burns and and hsi sister Smithers were a year old by then. Flower was the oldest female so she took dominance. Later Flower evicted Smithers and a few other females who formed the Asphodel Mob. Mr. Burns stayed in the Whiskers till 2001 when he left the group.


Hia name is a reference to the Simpsons character Mr. Burns. In fact, his litter-mate Montgomery is Mr. Burns' first name, and his other litter-mate Smithers has the same name as his attendant.


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