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Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat(VAZM022) was born in the Aztecs inbetween March 6-9, 2010. His mother was Monkulus, and his father was a unknown rover. Mr. Cat was born in a large litter of six pups; his litter-mates consisted of his four brothers named Mr. Ellie(VAZM023), General Big Daddy(VAZM024), Navi(VAZM025), and Jam(VAZM026), and one sister named Zelda(VAZF027). All six pups survived to adulthood. Mr. Cat went roving for the first time in June 2011; that same month, some evicted Aztecs females were evicted and formed the Pandora. In July 2011, Zelda left the group and joined the Pandora along with her older sister Kathleen. However, in August, both females rejoined the Aztecs. In May 2012, Navi sadly died. In October 2012, Mr. Cat went roving with his older brother Moliere, litter-mates Mr. Ellie and General Big Daddy, and younger brothers Aurora and Trinity. They visited the Pandora, but the females of the mob were actually Mr. Cat's older sisters, so none of the males could mate with them. They visited the mob again in November and were absent in December. During the males' absences, a group of Sequoia males had joined the Aztecs. Sadly, Mr. Cat and the rover coalition were Last Seen in November 2012. 


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