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Mungojerry Lazuli
Date of Birth
December 4, 2004
Date of Death
November 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Cazanna and Basil
Diana and Bonzo
VLP129, VLP130 and Papillon Lazuli
Known For
Diana's sister
Also Known As
Papillon's mother

Mungojerry(VLF101) was born on December 4, 2004 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was Basil. She was born in a litter of three with two sisters named Diana(VLF102) and Bonzo(VLF103). Mungojerry's parents were the dominant pair at the time and so the pups were well looked after. All three females survived their first few weeks and started foraging with th adults. Sadly in July 2005, Basil died leaving Cazanna without a mate. Mungojerry's older brother JD took dominance for a few months before he left the group and her younger brother Padloper became the next dominant male. Cazanna produced one more litter with a rover however Mungojerry wasn't old enough to help out with the new pups. Her older sisters mated with rovers often and kepted the Lazuli's numbers pup, one of the females was Alina who gave birth to two pups. Cazanna started to evicted her eldest daughters to retain her dominance, and soon the Lazuli began to lose members due to evictions and roving. Cazanna sadly died in December 2006 and Mungojerry's older sister Aretha took over the role of dominant female. Mungojerry mated with an unknown rover and gave birth on Janaury 7, 2007 to three pups, Papillon, VLP129 and VLP130. Sadly VLP129 and VLP130 were soon lost leaving Papillon as the only survivor. Aretha evicted Mungojerry and her sister Bonzo, younger sister Zoey and their neice HP, from Alina's litter, and disappared in late 2007. Her remaining sister Diana and daughter Papillon later formed the JaXX Mob. Mungojerry was cosidered Last Seen in November 2007.


Lazuli Mob

Papillon Lazuli