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Murray Whiskers


Date of Birth
February 1, 2007
Date of Death
September 2007
Cause of Death
Petra and an unknown male
Known For
Aztecs founder
Also Known As
Murray on Meerkat Manor


Murray(VWM122) was born in the Whiskers Mob on February 1, 2007. He was born into a large mixed litter of eight pups, mothered by Flo, Ella and Petra. Murray was later confirmed to be the son of Petra. His father was an unknown male. His confirmed litter-mates were Rhogan Josh(VWM116), Amira(VWF117) and Chiriqui(VWF119). His other possible litter-mates were Squig(VWF118), Rufus(VWM120), Etosha(VWM121) and Burdock(VWM115). Being born in such a large group gave the pups a better chance of survival, however the Whiskers had reached nearly fifty members, which was beyond what the territory could support. In March 2007 the group split into tow halves. Murray and some of his siblings ended up in the separated half which later became known as the Aztecs Mob



The oldest of the females Monkulus took dominance in July 2007. Several members including Murray's brother Rufus left to rejoin the Whiskers, leaving the Aztecs with just eight members, four adult females and four pups. Murray's siblings Etosha and Chiriqui were predated in April and May, leaving Murray as the only male in the Aztecs. In September 2007 a rover from the Young Ones named Homestar Runner joined the group and took over as dominant male. The following month the Incas, made of Whiskers males, came across the Aztecs and made their way into the group, kicking Homestar Runner out. Sadly in September 2007, Murray contracted tuberculosis and to keep the disease from spreading he sadly was euthanized by the KMP.

Meerkat Manor

Murray on Meerkat Manor

At the end of the third season of Meerkat Manor Murray played as one of the seven unnamed pups born to Daisy and Maybelline. It wasn't until Meerkat Manor The Next Generation that Murray got a more prominant role. He went by his real name on the show and was said to be the only male member of the Aztecs. In To Have And To Have Not he tried to helped the girls mob away a puff adder but was unsuccessful. They later came across a harmless aardvark but left it alone. At the end of the episode Murray scared off a resident yellow mongoose so the Aztecs could steal its burrow. In the next episode, All Manor Of Love, Murray and the yellow mongoose had a rematch, with Murray emerging as the winner. But Murray didn't compete against the roving male Wilson(Homestar Runner) when he joined the Aztecs and took over as dominant male. However, as soon as Wilson had settled down, Zaphod and a group of Whiskers rovers joined the Aztecs, displacing Wilson and removing him from the territory. With more males in the group Murray was put further down the hierarchy. Murray wasn't mentioned again on the show after that.


Aztecs Mob

Whiskers Mob