Muscat Frisky

VFF157 Muscat

Formerly of the Frisky
Date of Birth
January 22, 2009
Date of Death
December 2012
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Seventh dominant female of the Frisky
Also Known As
Losing dominance to Kung Fu females

Muscat(VFF157) was born on January 22, 2009, into the Frisky. Her mother was Bootle, and her father was Gazebo, who were the dominant couple of the Frisky at the time. Her litter-mates were Merlot(VFF153), Cabernet(VFM154), and Shiraz(VFF156). All four pups survived their first few weeks and soon started foraging with the adults. Soon Bootle gave birth to another litter, making Muscat and her siblings no longer the pups of the Frisky. Muscat's litter survived and soon reached adulthood. Muscat's mother Bootle died in February, and Muscat's older sister Quaver assumed dominance. Sadly, disease eventually hit the group, and the Frisky began to lose members due not only the sickness, but also evictions of rovings, but Muscat managed to survive. Over the course of 2010 and 2011, Muscat and her sisters were evicted a few times. In March 2011, Muscat's siblings Cabernet and Shiraz were both Last Seen. Merlot was also Last Seen in the May of that year, leaving Muscat as the last remaining meerkat of her litter. She became pregnant in September 2011 but lost her litter. She was evicted again in January 2012, but managed to return to the group once again. After Quaver died of disease in June 2012, Muscat assumed dominance of the Frisky. Muscat also became pregnant, but she aborted the litter. Strangely, the dominant male Falco started to rove with the other males; however, he always returned to the group. In December 2012, Muscat had evicted all the subordinate females so she was the only female in the group. Soon after this event, Muscat's reign came to end: Two females from the Kung FuRhymenoceros and Spektor, were seen trailing the group with a Drie Doring male named Andy C. The two females attacked Muscat and evicted her from the group, Spektor seizing dominance from her. Despite her quick and surprising eviction by foreign meerkats, Muscat remained in the area. Safety would've been well on her side if she was capable of relocating the Frisky females she'd evicted in November, but was unable to do so; she has not been spotted since the December of 2012 and was therefore considered Last Seen.


Frisky Mob

Bootle Frisky

Gazebo Drie Doring

Spektor Kung Fu