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was born in Toyota Mob in Janaury 2011. His mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and his father was most likely Greegan the former dominant male of the Toyota. Nabby was born in a large litter of five, his litter-mates were his two sisters Biff(VYTF037) and Meerkitty(VTYF038) and his two brothers Kermit(VTYM039) and Evil Betty(VTYM040). Nabby never knew his father, Greegan had died in December 2011 from disease. Nabby and his siblings were probably the last litter fathered by Greegan. The current dominant male at the time of Nabby's birth was his older half brother Paymister. Nabby and his two borthers and sisters survived their first three months without much event. Sadly in April 2012, Evil Betty was predated and in the following month Miss Lilly The Pink died from disease. In that same month Meerkitty and Kermit disappeared and were conisdered Last Seen. Nabby's older sister Hoodwink became the new dominant female. In July while all the adult males were roving, four rovers from the JaXX joined the Toyota. One of the males named Rococo became the dominant male however he was soon overthrown by Snickers. At this time Nabby and his sister Biff were the last of their litter, but sadly in October Hoodwink died from disease and Nabby's last litter-mate Biff was predated, leaving Nabby was the last of his litter and the youngest surviving offspring of Miss Lilly The Pink and Greegan. After Hoodwink died, Nabby's older sister Chimp became the new dominant female of the Toyota. Nabby reach his first birthday in Janaury 2012 and within that same month Chimp gave birth to four pups. As an adult meerkat Nabby was expected to help out around the mob by babysitting and taking sentry duties while the group was out foraging. Nabby helped his older sister with her pups and three of the four pups survived. Sadly in March Chimp and another female named Peanut died from disease leaving the group with only one female named Squeaker. The Toyota had shrunk down to only nine members by March 2012. In June Nabby went roving for the first time in his life. However sadly Nabby finally succumbed to disease that took the lives of his parents along with three of the JaXX males Snickers, Twix and Ole in June 2012.


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