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Nanty Walsha(VYM078) was born in March 2001 in the Young Ones Mob. His mother was the dominant female Morgause and his father was an unknown male. Nanty Walsha had three litter-mates including Jaxta(VYF07?), Lil Foot(VYF07?), and Marnpar(VYM07?). They all survived to adulthood. After reaching maturity Nanty Walsha took to roving. In July 2003 he visited the Whiskers and mated with their dominant female Flower. She later fell pregnant and gave birth in September 2003. But the four pups had been born prematurely and could not survive so Flower ate them. In November 2003 all of Nanty Walsha's litter-mates were evicted and Last Seen, leaving him as the last of his litter remaining in the Young Ones. However, only a month later Nanty Walsha and his neice Gretta were Last Seen.


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