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Nematoads Mob

Nematoads by Hector Ruiz.jpg

Date of Forming
January 2014
Crusty, Bernie, Sutica, Fran The Wo-Man and Toxoplasma-Whatever
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Crusty, Hiw and Rum Tum Tiger
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Rum Tum Tiger
Number of Members
Last Seen
March 2017
Last Known Member
Rum Tum Tiger

The Nematoads was founded in January 2014 by three females evicted from the Lazuli and two males, one wild and one of Baobab origins. Bernie and Crusty established dominance over the group. The group established well and gave rise to the Xhodes later that year. Crusty was predated in August 2015 and the group has had a number of dominant male including wild and Quintessentials males. Bernie was lost in early 2016 and Indiana has took her place as the dominant female. In October of 2016, Indiana was found dead and VNMF015 took her spot until the groups end in early 2017.

Dominant Pair

As soon as the group formed Bernie became the dominant female. A month later Crusty became the dominant male. They have been the leaders since the group's foundation. In August 2015 Crusty was predated. Hiw briefly established dominance in his place but left the group within a month, leaving the dominant male position vacant once more. A wild male VNMM018 joined the group but never could establish dominance. He was displaced when a bunch of meerkats, from wild and Quintessentials origin, joined the group. Wild male Rum Tum Tiger took the dominant male position. Bernie was lost in early 2016 and the group's dominance remained unclear until Indiana emerged as the new dominant female. Indiana was lost in late 2016 and VNMF015 took her spot until the groups end in March 2017.

All Known Members

Bernie (VLF152) 

Crusty (VBBM025)

Sutica (VLF180)

Fran The Wo-Man (VLF184)

Toxoplasma-Whatever (VNMM001)

Hiw (VNMM002)

Slightly Itchy (VNMM003)

Indiana (VNMF004)

Jackson (VNMM005)

Scamp (VNMM006)

George W. Bush (VNMM007)

Ulysses (VNMM008)

Nanook (VNMF009)

Rincewind (VNMF010)








"New Crusty" (VNMM018)





Rum Tum Tiger (VNMM023)

Pog mo Thoin (VQLM013)

Heatherleigh (VQLM017)

Last Known Members

Last Known Members as of March 2017

VNMF015 Dominant Female

Rum Tum Tiger  Dominant Male

Sarah-Anne (VEKF032)


The Nematoads held a small territory in-between the Baobab, Lazuli  a wild mob. But, as the group expandded they moved farther into an area that used to not be part of the monitored area. This territory was near by the Zulus Mob though, they did not encounter this group before they disintergrated.