Ninja Meerkats, Grandmaster One-Eye

Grandmaster One-Eye

Ninja Meerkats is a series of fictional books written by Gareth P. Jones and illustrated by Luke Finlayson and Domingos Aquino. The series began in 2011 and is still ongoing, with a ninth volume set to release mid-2013. The books are based on a group of four kung fu fighting meerkats, dubbed The Clan of the Scorpion, and their missions to foil the evil plans of their human enemy, the Ringmaster, and his minions.


The Clan of the Scorpion

  • Chuck Cobracrusher - the calm and brave leader of the clan.
  • Jet Flashfeet - the impetuous one.
  • Bruce Willowhammer - the one who's always hungry.
  • Donnie Dragonjab - the technolgoical genius.


  • Grandmaster One-Eye - a wise old meerkat and mentor of the clan.
  • Ringmaster - an evil human who wants to take over the world.
  • Doris - the Ringmaster's pampered poodle.
  • And many more!


A list of all the books released in the series:

  1. Clan of the Scorpion
  2. Eye of the Monkey
  3. The Escape From Ice Mountain
  4. Hollywood Showdown
  5. The Tomb of Doom
  6. Big City Bust Up
  7. The Ultimate Dragon Warrior
  8. Outback Attack
  9. The Forbidden Palace



Ninja Meerkat Rap

Other Meerkat Books

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