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was born into the Lazuli Mob on September 24, 2009. Her mother was Calvinia ad her father was an unknown rover. O'Toolie was born in a litter of four with three sisters named One Eyed Wilma(VLF160), Shallot(VLF162) and Sossusvlei(VLF163). Calvinia was not the dominant female but their grandmother Young who also gave birth to a litter of pups. Young's pups were VLM156, Grutte Pier, Brea and Griene Tsiis who were born a few days before O'Toolie. Young could have killed Calvinia's litter but she allowed the subordinate litter to remain in the group. All eight pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. In March 2010 VLM156 was predated but the remaining seven pups survived to adulthood. O'Toolie started to be evicted by Young along with the other females in the group. In July 2010 Grutte Pier was evicted and then died while evicted. In October Sammy Jo and Sossuvlei were evicted and disappeared. O'Toolie stayed away from the many rovers that visited the Lazuli, while her sisters and aunts became pregnant and aborted or lost their litters, she was evicted far less than her sisters and aunts. O'Toolie disappeared along with all the pups from the seven deadly sins litter in April 2013.


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