On Dangerous Ground/Trivia


  • This is the last episode that Youssarian is mentioned in. He was said to have gone on an "extended roving trip", in reality he had gone roving but was fatally wounded by Lazuli members.
  • Mozart is also mentioned and seen in the opening sequence, it is implied that she was lost. However she reappars in the following episode, The Mission.
  • Alexander who plays as Frank is the half-brother of Zaphod.┬áHe had joined the Whiskers with Zaphod but left to join the Young Ones (one of two mobs who play as the Zappa mob).
  • In the opening sequence a new character called Houdini (played by Aurinko and Dougal) is introduced, but doesn't appear until the episode The Death of Romance.
  • Some of the footage of the babysitters taking Flower's pups for a walk was cut in the US version.
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