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The third series begins during Winter, 3 months following the Commandoes' vicious raid. The rival gang completely displaced the Whiskers from their territory, forcing them into a terrible part of the Manor where food supply is low. This time, even group leader Flower is at the mercy of the elements.

As the sun rises, the Whiskers carefully emerge and start clearing out their burrow entrances, making way for Flower's latest litter consisting of Izzy, Busta and Suggs. Well, most of the gang. Zaphod takes the duties casually and decides to hang back, much to his partner's annoyance. Ever since his brother, Youssarian, permenately left the Whiskers, the dominant male has been having an easy ride. With the housework done, the Whiskers set off on the day's foraging trip. Whilst everyone has their head's buried, trying to tunnel through thick, dead grass, super-sentinal Mitch keeps an eye open for predators. Before long, a Cape Cobra puts in an appearence and strikes out at one of the foragers, missing with its first strike. Alarmed, the Whiskers unite and threaten the cobra until it slithers away.

Back at the babysitting burrow, Izzy, Busta and Suggs have finally emerge and quickly set about playfighting, digging and pestering the babysitters; Sophie and Jogu. While they're preoccupied, the Whiskers continue to forage. Flower is finding the going particually tough. As long as she believes it's not safe for her pups to venture out, she'll have to eat plenty to provide milk for them. In the past, she could have relied on her daughter, Mozart, to help out. But the Whiskers haven't seen Mozart since she was last evicted before Winter.

With the pups becoming increasingly bored, the babysitters decide to take them on a quick nature walk. But the three youngsters prove to be a bit of a handful, so Jogu and Sophie return them to the burrow. After such an unproduictive day of foraging, the Whiskers finally come home. Flower tries to feed Izzy, Busta and Suggs, but her milk has gone dry due to the lack of food. This is the last straw. Suddenly, Flower gets up and marches off. The rest of the family follow. She leads the group far away from the burrow and beyond their territory's boundry-line.

In unknown land, the Whiskers are alert. Mitch quickly spots an eagle owl and raises the alarm. While the group head off in the opposite direction, little Izzy falls behind. Thankfully, Sophie comes to the pup's rescue. Eventually, the Whiskers reach the other side of the plains, onto prime foraging land. They instantly set about hunting and the pups finally get their first solid meals. Sophie gives Izzy a tasty gecko, Jogu gives Suggs a scorpion and Flower's efforts are rewarded with a millipede. But the serenity is quickly shattered as an alarm call is raised. A rival group appears on the far side of the scrub-land; The Zappa. Zaphod appears to have meet his match, the Zappa have a huge dominant male; Frank. But having come so far, Flower is unwilling to give up the feeding ground. Meanwhile, Mitch, Sophie and Jogu take the pups away to a burrow, far from danger.

With her pups out of harms way, Flower leads an impressive assault on the new rivals. The Zappa quickly retreat. Victorious, the Whiskers scent-mark the land as their own, sealing their victory. But Flower notices something isn't right. Her pups and their guardians haven't returned from their hiding place. As the sun sets on Meerkat Manor, the Whiskers return to their burrow empty-handed. Everything Flower did today was for the sake of her pups. She now finds herself back where she started, without them. All the group can do is wait till morning to discover the their fate.

Opening Title for "On Dangerous Ground"